Monkeys and Nice People

There are no actual monkeys in this post.  Sorry.  I know, you wanted monkeys.  I just am upset about how the word ‘monkeys’ is spelled.  I feel like it should end with an ‘ies’.  Is it just me?  Am I crazy?  Please, your honest opinion.

In other news, I stopped at the dollar store today to pick up some last minute snacks to get my daughter through the next few days of school.  I swear, she is eating us out of house an home.  She is probably is going to spring up an inch soon.  Anywho, so the cashier was this bubby lady with the cutest accent.  Apparently, she is from Ireland.  Well, I went to go switch out a drink that I had picked out to get my daughter a Webkins dog because she promised to clean her room.  Well, the lady apparently thought my daughter was cute, so she bought it for her out of her own money.  I tried dissuading her, but she was adamant. Apparently Whimzy reminded her of her daughter who is no longer with us.  She genuinely seemed like a good person that just wanted to make a little girl happy.  I appreciated it and it made my day.  I am so happy that there are still people like that in this world.   I want to call her manager and compliment her, or maybe bring her flowers to thank her for brightening up my day.  What do you guys think?

You are welcome to post pics of monkeys in the comments to make people less disappointed and make me less of a tease 😉




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