Glitter Lipstick, Pancakes, and 6 Months!

I just bought glitter, color changing lipstick from the dollar store.  It is ridiculous, and I love it. It is those tiny things in life that make things so worth it.

I was sick for about 2 weeks.  First it was a sinus infection, then some sort of viral thing that had my lymph nodes all swollen and achy.  So, not much got done.  Now, I am catching up.  Spent most of the day doing random housework and errands.  Then, about 20 minutes ago, I crashed.  I was getting so caught up in what needed to be done that I overwhelmed myself and pushed myself into a mini-panic attack.

Realizing this and stepping back before it gets worse and realizing the trigger might be able to help me next time.  Or a maid.  A maid would work, too 😉

Now that I am all calmed down, I get to go finish dinner!  Making pancakes, cheesy hashbrowns, and bacon!  So yummy!

In other news…. 6 months sober today!  Time for a tattoo!  😉  It feels great to have gotten this far and to be in a better place. I hope that I am becoming a better person every day and that I will continue growing.  Thank you everyone for your support.


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