Yesterday I received an official diagnosis of Boderline Personality Disorder, or BPD.  It means that I need to double down on my DBT therapy and really focus on stabilizing my moods.  It means that I have more of an explanation of why I behave the way I do and that in turn means that I have more information to help me learn coping skills and how to improve myself.  It will be a lifelong thing that I have to deal with, but it will make me stronger and more self-aware.  Optimism 😉

Yesterday, I also officially accepted a job with a friend’s company as a temp daycare staff worker.  It works with my schedule, gives me the opportunity to say that I can’t pick up the shift if I am having a bad day, and opens up a different avenue that I can use my psychology degree in.  Overall, it works out really well.  I am a bit nervous though, and I woke up thinking about it this morning and was a bit stressed out.  I had some negative thoughts and I was letting myself become anxious.  Besides being anxious, I was supposed to be getting ready to go to a park with some friends that I was really excited about.  Unfortunately, the anxiety was making me want to curl up and ignore the world.  I didn’t.  I pushed through, took my meds, and got ready.  By the time I got there I was excited to see my friends and watch my daughter play.  It was an epic park and the slides were dangerously fast.  I absolutely loved it.  It was worth being uncomfortable for a little bit to push through and have an amazing time.  I need to remember that in the future and utilize the success that I had to help me though anxious times.

After our adventure at the park, we came home did housework, had a family dinner, and did some minor decorating for Halloween (finishing it up tomorrow).  I had an ah-ha moment while folding laundry and Whimzy was asking me to spell “zebra” that I felt absolutely content.  I don’t get those completely calm moments often, so when I get them, I savor them.  Being home, with my family, doing normal things and enjoying it really just made me feel like life is good.  I am so grateful to have these moments and to be able to recognize them.  Now, it is shower time and I am going to curl up with a book until the new Doctor Who is on.  I am going to be live tweeting the new episode, if you want to follow along, go check out my Twitter!  Life is wonderful.

Oh, and I just talked to Mom on the phone and I am getting super, super excited to go see The Bloggess in person!  *fangirling* *squee*


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