Less therapy lately, so I have been trying to make it up with DBT self-work, journaling, and introspection.  It means that I am cutting myself more slack and letting me work on me.  I have a lot of cracks left, more than a couple psychological diagnoses, and ongoing issues with self-esteem.  Not to mention that I have been trying to lose weight….

Unfortunately, this all means that my social life has taken a back seat to everything.  Hell, even my reading has suffered.  It sucks because I feel like I am failing at another aspect of my life.  I am learning to balance things, and not overwhelm me.

Someday, maybe, I will figure this out. Until then, I need to see my friends soon.  I am going through withdrawal of silliness, love, and wonderfulness that I get from my friends.  No matter what, I love my friends, even when I am afraid of the world. I wouldn’t mind if I could fit most of my besties in my hidey hole with me.

Think I need to make some phone calls tomorrow.


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