New Meds and No Phone

After my admission into a residential facility, my husband decided to shut off my phone.  It terrified me.  Well, here I am day 4 of being in the real world and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Yeah, eventually I want it back, but for now I am okay focusing on me without the distractions of a phone.  Any body else disconnect from technology as part of their recovery?

I started a new med this morning.  Walbutren. I probably spelled that wrong. It is supposed to affect my dopamine levels, increase energy, and suppress appetite.  Sounds like a dream pill, right?  Well, everybody I have asked about it has said they love it or they hate it. No in between.  Well, I’m hoping I love it because I could use some extra energy.  Since I’ve been home the latest I’ve stayed up to is 9pm and I am falling asleep walking into my room at that point.

So, tomorrow is my first day alone since starting residential treatment.  I’m kind of nervous, but I have my schedule set up and plenty of things to do.  I should be fine.  Right? Right.  Maybe I will post a picture of the oreo trifle that I am making tomorrow 😉


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