Disney Movies and Family

Since booking our trip to Disney World, we have decided that Whimzy is woefully uneducated in Disney. Yes, she knows the princesses, but not enough. So, we are watching Disney movies pretty regularly until our vacation.  Tonight, it was Lilo & Stitch and Wall-E. Stupid Stitch always makes me cry.

I decided to cook to make up some of my happy feelings.


I got the recipe from A Daily Dish of Life.

Here is the link!

I really liked the recipe!  Next time, I may add some garlic and spices just to give the pasta a little more flavor.  Also, it was super easy to do, and very satisfying.  As I am typing, my husband is adding spaghetti sauce. I think that is a bit overkill, but whatever floats his boat!

So, for those of you following for DBT and BPD, I used DISTRACT and Self-soothe to get me out of the ridiculous sad mood that Lilo & Stitch put me in.

Have any good links to 1-pot recipes?  I’m always looking for more!


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