My First Family Vacation

Disney World, the happiest place on Earth, unless you have anxiety, in which case it is terrifyingly amazing.

The colors, the people, the warmth, the colors, the crowds, the sounds, the smells….

It is all very overwhelming.  I found myself marveling in everything that was going on and then fighting the urge to run away and curl up somewhere quiet and cool.  It was quite the juxtaposition.

I pushed myself through the urges, tried to use all of the skills I learned, and kept going.  It was hard.

There were a couple of rides I didn’t go on because I needed a break.  That is okay.  It is okay that I know my limits and realize that I need to stay within those boundaries.

At the end of the day, I was glad that I pushed through and I curled up with the stuffed Stitch that I bought and in the same bed as my daughter.

I fought and I came out the other end of the vacation glad that I got to experience my first family vacation with Ty and Whimzy.



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