I Done F’ed Up

I relapsed.  My emotions were too high and I couldn’t use any of the tools that I have learned to help me deal with them.  Now, I am dealing with the aftermath.  I’m not quite sure what to do.  I’m trying to get back into my routine and get things done.  I am currently doing laundry and have real pants on, which is a good thing.  Any words of encouragement, and ideas to get back up on the horse would be helpful.

Excuse me while I go take some Tylenol and try to stick to my to do list.


5 thoughts on “I Done F’ed Up

  1. Hope you’re as fine as possible under these circumstances…relapsing can be so frustrating but I wish you all the best and all the strength you need to get better again!

  2. I can hear that you are trying and it takes so much courage. We are not the sum of our mistakes. In fact I bet you have received some insight into yourself that needed to be seen and could have only been seen in this circumstance. Look for the lesson and grow from that place. You have got this. I can see your courage in being honest enough to write it here. You are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and not perfect. Amazing!!

    Keep writing. Keep finding your sober voice. Know that all that you are is worthy of love and belonging.

    Grace and Peace to you,

  3. The amazing thing is that shame cannot survive empathy so speak to yourself as you would someone you love. Practice empathy and build your self worth. Wrap language around it all and know that the discomfort you feel is growing pains and worth it.

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