Chlorine, Laughter, and Unicorn Adventurers

Despite all of my flaws and issues, there are still times that I find amazing beauty in the world.  I’m not talking majestic sunsets (even though those are amazing), I’m talking the moments when you can’t imagine being in better place because you are laughing so hard and the people around you make you remember why you get out of bed every morning.

Ty and I randomly got a hotel room and invited some friends to go swimming.  We got sandwich stuff and some friends brought dessert.  We swam and then we went back to the room and talked.  I smelled like chlorine, I was on an impossibly soft mattress, and I had my family and friends surrounding me.  At the moment, there was literally nothing I could have asked for.  Not to mention, I had sat in a hot tub for a half hour and meditated.  It made the world feel right again.

Oh, and my wonderful husband turned it into a strange Unicorn Adventure.   We made little unicorn puppets and took random pictures with them through the entire day/night.  It was ridiculous and amazing.


So, go forth and adventure on!


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