Defective Mom

Having the mental issues I do and having a kid is hard.  I am always scared to death that I am passing on my neuroses to her or being a bad mom.  I know I’ve had my moments that I am not proud of and I don’t want those moments to be the ones she remembers from her childhood.

I work my butt off to make sure that she is healthy and happy.  I have a schedule for her for Spring Break, it involves every aspect of life.  School stuff, science, art, cooking….  I’m trying to get some friends to come hang out, too.

Even when I feel terrible, I try my hardest.  I’ve obviously made mistakes, but right now, she is curled up at my feet holding my big toe.  She’s a weirdo 😉  A few minutes ago, she said “Mom?  I love you.” I think I’m doing okay.


2 thoughts on “Defective Mom

  1. Your fear of being a “bad Mom” is shared by the best of us….it is top offend in my days for sure. I love that she is curled up holding your big toe!! You ARE doing ok….keep writing!

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