Pockets and Showers

Being able to carry things and being able to take a quick shower:  two things that I had taken for granted until I broke my leg.

Now carrying things is an awkward juggling act.  But, wait! Can’t I just shove stuff in my pockets?  Astute observation.  And, that would be wonderful, if women’s pj pants came with pockets!  WHY AREN’T THERE POCKETS IN ANY OF MY LOUNGE PANTS?!?  Almost all of my husband’s pants have pockets… WHERE ARE MY POCKETS?!?!  Somebody explain this to me.

Another thing that got me through my days were showers/baths.  Well, not anymore.  Now my clean up is an awkward backward bath with one bandaged leg hanging weirdly over the side of the bath tub.  Getting out of this position is both dangerous and highly amusing.  Add the fact that the bath tub is slippery, and I could probably film it and let people watch my humiliation for an entrance fee.

So, there we have it, my frustrations and hilarity for the day.  Pockets and baths.


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