Lincoln Park Zoo

My hubby has off work all week.  He easily gets a bit stir-crazy, so I knew he would want to do something at some point.  Then, yesterday, he decides that we should go to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Yep, and I have a broken foot.

Let me tell you, that “walk” to get into the zoo and get a wheelchair was ridiculous.  I was about ready to sit down and say “No, you go ahead.  I’ll stay here, on the ground, on the bike path.  People can go around me.”

Well, once I got the wheelchair, things got better. I was able to enjoy being out and in the sunshine. The weather was amazing and the animals were out and playing.  The tiger even roared!

Granted, it was not a “best experience ever”, but it did end up being worth the effort it took.

A part of DBT therapy in living a healthy and balanced life is to ‘build positive experiences’, and thought challenge.  Both of which I did yesterday.  Agreeing to go and trying and actually doing it built a positive experience.  Then, while I was waiting for Ty to get back to me with the wheelchair, I wrote down what I was grateful for in the moment, and it helped lift my spirits.  I was able to turn my mood around using skills that I learned in DBT and lean on my support system a bit to help me get past the difficulty of getting into the zoo.

Also, I bought a purple sloth and have named it Thelma.  She is the girlfriend to the other sloth that I have named Thurmy.  That is the new rule, if we go somewhere and I buy a stuffed animal, it has to have a cool name before we leave the store.  Fair trade, I think…


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