Mood Swings

Normally my moods stay pretty consistent.  They may be very intense, but they stay the same.


But, let me tell you, when I get mood swings, it is like being on a crazy roller coaster inside my head.

All day today I felt like absolute crap.  My anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t make myself smile for the life of me.

Then, out of nowhere, my mood got a ton better.  No reason at all.  I can feel the happiness in my chest, where a couple hours ago, I felt fear and self-loathing in the same spot.

Not complaining, mind you, I’ll take a good mood randomly any day!


4 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. Emotions are funny little things! The great thing is when we lean into them instead of numbing. I know my estrogen levels are high when my anxiety is big and take a supplement called Estro Adapt to tame it. Also take magnesium at night and vitamin B in the AM….oh also High doses of Vit D3….all helps with sleep, anxiety and general mood swings.

    Keep writing too I love reading your blog!

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