Little Victories

I’m sitting in the bath tub awkwardly with my left leg dangling out over the edge.  I go to turn off the water to get out, and the knob doesn’t want to turn.  I get out of the tub with some wiggling and balancing, and force the knob.  It breaks.  The water won’t turn off.  I get dressed and proceed to freak out.  Omg!  Ty can fix this, but then it is going to be running all day….I should call my landlord! No!  Too much.  I can’t do it.  I’ll fix it.

So, after talking to my husband,I gather up my tools.  Crescent wrench in hand, I tackle my project.  I fail miserably, even with the knob off and the inner workings showing, the spinny part is just spinning.   Hubby’s best friend calls to try to walk me through it over the phone.  It fails.  The spinny part is still not doing its job.

Fine….I guess I have to call.

And guess what?!  I didn’t die!  I called and got the help, all by myself, and didn’t completely break down.

It was exhausting holding it together, but I did hold it together!  GO ME! *cabbage patch kid dance*


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