That One Time I Tried To Scooter

I’m uncoordinated.  I mean, hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination, walking- on -a-flat-surface-with-no-obstacles coordination….all things that need coordination I am sub par at.  So, that means I suck at crutches.  It is like watching a new-born giraffe try to walk.  To replace the crutches when I’d have to walk a long distance, like in a store that doesn’t have the motorized things, I borrowed a knee scooter from somebody.

It is basically 4 wheels, with a place to put your knee, a handlebar, and brakes.  Omg.  Not only was it a crazy workout, I felt really conspicuous.  Oh, and I almost crashed at least 3 times in 15 minutes.  It was dangerous.  And going down that little slope to get down off the curb was scary.  This is why I don’t do my own stunts.


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