I Refuse!

For a really long time, I’ve considered myself broken.  I have a personality disorder, therefore I thought that my personality was inherently flawed.  I described myself as broken, I believed it in my soul.  I felt like something was fundamentally wrong with who I am.

I’m done.  I refuse to think like that anymore.  I’m a rocking mermaid who just happens to have a different way of interacting with the world.  If I need to hide in my room and sleep 16 hours a day, so what?  On the flip side of that, I reach out as much as I can to other people suffering and am running my 3rd epic summer!

I am not broken.  I am just different.

How do you look at your disorders?  Any bright sides?


2 thoughts on “I Refuse!

  1. This is awesome 🙂
    I guess my bright side is that “normal” sounds like “boring” to me so different is at least interesting.
    Rock on, mermaid 😉

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