3 Years and an Infection

Today is my 3rd year anniversary with my husband.  I love him so much and consider myself so lucky that I have someone who loves me unconditionally.  He makes me giggle, makes me feel not broken, he knows me better than myself sometimes, he takes care of me, and he is the best dad I’ve ever seen.  I could not possibly ask for more.

That all being said, he is taking care of me again because I have an infection in the incision from my leg surgery.  It is pretty rare to get an infection this far out from the surgery and I might end up in the hospital if my fever doesn’t go down.  He got dinner, brought me a flower, and picked up all my meds.  He is now taking control of parenting duties so that I can rest.  I am so lucky to have someone who takes care of me, whether it is a mental health breakdown or something physical like getting an infection.   I’d be more eloquent, but the painkillers are making my foggy, and the fever is making my brain not want to work.  I just wish I had the words to describe the stability that I need and that I get from Ty.  He is my rock, as cliche as that is.


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