The Problem with my Brain

I had a wonderful day today.  We ran some errands in the morning, then hung out and explored my downtown with hubby’s cousin and her kids.

It should have been zero-stress.

The problem with my brain is that it totally had stress.  I was really self-conscious the entire time, the heat made my anxiety act up, and I was hyper aware of the pain in my foot.

So, now I am home, curled up in pj’s, sitting in front of the AC, and I am exhausted. It isn’t even 7 o’clock, and I could totally go to sleep.

It still was a good day, which is something that I don’t think I could have said a year ago with the brain stuff I had going on, but it took A LOT out of me to keep going and enjoy it.  So, I am going to lay down and watch the movie the family is watching, or maybe grab a book and do some reading.  Something nice and relaxing, and then head to bed earlyish because I am getting up with Whimzy in the morning.

Today was a victory, despite the problem with my brain.


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