I feel calm.  Tired, but calm.  I spent the day doing mundane things; laundry, cooking, hanging out with a friend.

I’ve realized all of the awesome things I have coming up in life, but I am also learning to love these mundane moments that make up most of my life.

For me, that is an accomplishment.  It means that I am learning to stabilize my emotions a little better.

I get to enjoy this quiet moment watching a movie with my family curled up on a pile of blankets and pillows.

Not to mention, I’m watching Jurassic Park, so watching Dinosaurs eat people is always fun.

I also got to spend some time working on my FB page, so check it out!

Optimism and Caffeine FB Page

I’m running a contest!  Whoever is the 100th like on the page, and the person who referred that person, get a special surprise from me in the mail!  It could be anything!  Severed unicorn parts, stationary, pictures of my hamster, a lollipop…you won’t know unless you try!  ❤


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