DBT Stuff

I post a lot of stuff about how I’m doing and the activities that I do in order to keep going. What I don’t usually post about is DBT skills that I use on a daily basis.  So, basically, I am going to use this post to list a few of my favorite skills and how I use them.

*PLEASED – This skill addresses the physical aspect of being healthy.  It involves exercise, personal hygiene, diet, sleep habits, and abstaining from non-prescribed mood altering substances such as alcohol and drugs.  HOW I USE IT!  Sometimes, I feel crappy and don’t want to do anything.  I use this skill to hop in the shower and put make up on.  Sometimes, that simple act can turn my mood around.   I also use this when I need to be gentle on myself and take a nap or rest.

*One Thing at a Time (OT) –  I overwhelm myself easy.  I jump to conclusions and am thinking a few steps ahead of where I am.  This skill helps me take a minute and focus on what I am doing in the moment.  HOW I USE IT!  When I am overwhelmed, I take a mental note to clear my mind as best as I can, and mindfully do whatever it is that I am doing.  If I am taking a shower, I focus on the water and the smells of my soap.  If I am getting ready for the day and feel overwhelmed, I do my best to slow down and focus on the way my clothes feel, pick my make up more carefully, and so on and so forth.

*Build Positive Experiences (BPE) – This skill helps build up positive experiences that can eventually replace the negative experiences.  HOW I USE IT!  I love this skill.  I am using it every time that I decide to something awesome or epic.  I am using it when I plan parties, vacations, or even just simple family movie nights.  It helps me focus on the positive moments in my life.

Wow.  That was only 3 skills.  I use ALOT more than that on a daily basis.  I am far from mastering them, but I do practice a lot.  I’ll keep going in further posts about DBT.

Did I not mention your favorite skill?  No problem, there will be more!  Give me suggestions of skills you want me to cover!


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