Too Much

I get these moods where I feel like emotions want to explode from me in every direction.  The problem is most of the time, these feelings don’t translate to words well.  My chest is tight and wants to let these feelings out, but the feelings won’t turn into words.   I have vague subjects, hazy ideas, and half drawn together concepts that just want out!

Scrapbooking, accomplishment, finished project, coloring, satisfied, disgusted, cookies, proud, cleaning, journal, introspective, family, counseling, confused, nervous, dreading, adulting, adultier?, when did that happen?, bedtime, slow down, steps…..

Just a quick explosion of words that might sum up a 1/4th of what I am feeling.  It is a roller coaster inside my head.   These are the moments that scare me the most because I am feeling EVERYTHING at once.  Everything is so big.  My mind and body can’t contain it.  It is when I feel craziest.  To bring myself down, I need to make tea, or take a bath, or talk to Ty, or…or….or…..

Maybe I’ll just explode, but I have a tendency to implode, so I have to be careful where I set the dynamite.


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