Different Paths

Just because we are on different paths, doesn’t mean that either of us lost.

Just because you do it 4+5 and I do it 6+3, doesn’t mean we both aren’t right when we get 9.

Just because we think differently, doesn’t mean that either of us is wrong.

We have different experiences, different realities, different truths.

Our journeys this far have been different, which means our journeys from now on will be different as well.

Respect the different ways that people think.  Enjoy the creativity of each journey, of each different path.


2 thoughts on “Different Paths

  1. I think a lot of people forget that there are many ways to arrive at the same conclusion. Sometimes they get so caught up in “my way is the ONLY way” that they forget this. I try to remind myself that there are multiple paths, and I should let people be, unless they’re harming someone else or doing something illegal.

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