Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I’ll be completely honest.  I’ve been very distracted.  By two things: a Happy Planner and Pokemon.

I found this awesome subculture of people who decorate planners.  I’ve joined this subculture and have spent hours decorating my new planner.  It is helping me stay on track.

Pokemon.  Period.  Just Pokemon.  I spent almost 3 hours down by Lake Michigan (downtown Kenosha, WI) where at least 500 people congregate on a regular basis to take advantage of the numerous pokestops and random rare pokemon that show up.  No fights, no rudeness.  Just a bunch of people catching fictional characters.  It is hilarious.  One person will yell and everybody will go running.  I find it inspirational that something so innocent can bring people together.

And honestly, my apartment is messy, and there are probably more “important/adulty” things, but I had a good time and made memories.

I’ll clean tomorrow.  I promise.


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