BPD and Thought Distortion

Thought distortions are things that people with mental illness do…. ALOT.  Heck, healthy people do it, too, sometimes.

Article on Thought Distortion

A link for some examples!

This morning I had a really bad episode.  It hiked my anxiety up so far I almost threw up trying to go get some labs at the hospital done.

My hubby, who ALWAYS calls on both of his breaks, didn’t call on his first break.  I freaked out.  I went into panic mode.  “What if he was in a car accident?”  “What if he decided he is sick of me and just left forever?”    My thoughts circled around all of the terrible things that might have happened. I called him 46 times.  Yup…46 times.  Ridiculous, right?  At the time, my mind rationalized that if he got in an accident, somebody would pick up eventually.   I worked myself up to being physically sick.  I skipped my hospital labs and went home before I could grocery shop, which I had planned to do after the hospital labs.

His second break time comes around  and he calls.  I could physically feel my chest loosen and I could breathe again.  He ended up having to work through his first break.

The lesson:  thought distortions are real and can really affect behavior.  I did my best to thought challenge and distract myself, but this time it didn’t work.

That doesn’t mean I am a failure, I just had a bad morning.  After getting my stability back, I did go grocery shopping.  I missed a bunch of other housework, though.  No biggie, I’ll work on it tomorrow.


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