Soul Sisters

Nope, not gonna break out into song, I swear.

This about my friends.  Friends isn’t a strong enough word for a few of them. I could say that they are “family”, but they are even more than that.  They have chosen to stay by me through my darkest times, NEVER abandoning me.  No matter what, I know there will always be those few girls who I can call and they will be there, no matter what I’ve done.

I call them my soul sisters.  As much as my husband occupies my heart, these ladies occupy my soul.  We choose to be that close.  We choose to love each other unconditionally.  They are some of the strongest bonds I have ever known.

Even when I hate myself, they love me.

I put them on my grateful list in the mornings more than they will ever realize.

I love you, ladies.


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