One of the big issues that I have with my depression is losing the ability to focus.   Despite the fact that I love reading, I can go months without reading a book because my brain doesn’t want to focus.

This next week, I am going to make reading a priority.  There is NO way that I am going to hit my reading goal for this year, but I still can get a few books closer.

The loss of focus also makes me super absentminded.  I completely forget things, lose track of time, get easily distracted, and zone out a lot.

Does anybody else have this problem?  How do you cope?


2 thoughts on “Focus-less

  1. Yes I have this problem all the time. I have depression and PTSD so am zoned out a lot of the time. The only way I regain focus is having a seperate space just for solitude and relaxation with no noise. I have my bed shed (a garden shed with a bed in it lol!) I lie on the bed and meditate, listening to the natural gentle sounds of the outdoors. When I’ve had a break out there and come back into the noise and bright lights of the house I’m more focused 😊

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