Recovery Ladies

I’ve never been into the whole AA/NA thing  (Don’t trash me for it!), but I have met some amazing people in therapy.

Mainly a few chicks that I have the pleasure of keeping in contact with and spend time with.  I went to a waterpark resort with 2 of them last night and then we hung out and watched a movie.  It was such a breath of fresh air hanging out with people who completely understand how I feel.

I mean, I have amazing friends out of recovery, I will never deny that (I love them more than words can explain), but having recovery friends has really been helpful the last week or so.  We have a  coffee date coming up and I truly believe that staying in touch with these girls, whom are all an inspiration to me, will help keep me sober. I wouldn’t feel worthy of their respect if I choose to keep using.

It is true, a support system is everything in recovery, and I have so many legs to stand on in that department that I feel spoiled.

We are going to change the world.  Just watch us!


4 thoughts on “Recovery Ladies

  1. I love you. Your such an in inspirATION to so many and will continue to be! You keep rockin your recovery! And whatever is workin for you! Haters are a just a cute little reminder that your the shit!!

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