The Right Path

Happiness is doing the right thing in the right way.  I don’t know who said that, but something close to it is written on the white board in my group therapy room.

Suddenly, I am making the right choices in life; staying sober, confronting my mental illnesses, and making choices that won’t hurt those around me.  I’m talking to my family again (love it!), am waiting on a phone call that could change my life, just booked a Walt Disney trip, and my daughter got into the gifted program.

Life is going in the right direction.  I am on the right path, and it feels amazing!

Also, llamas are all of a sudden popular.  Heck yes!  No llama drama here!


I’m Such A Baby

I have a sinus infection.

I’m miserable.  I’m also craving carbs on day #2 of trying to eat healthy.

I’m all around failing today.

Plus, I’m a big baby when I’m sick.  All I want to do is sleep and eat, maybe soak in a bath tub.  My head feels like it is going to implode.   It isn’t contagious, so I can curl up with husband and not have to cancel plans with friends tomorrow.

I’m just cracking up (inside because laughing hurts), because the stereotype is that women clean and do all this stuff while they are sick, and here I am, barely moving til 1pm, and then curling up on the couch.  If you asked me to vacuum, I’d consider stabbing you.

Any other moms have the issue?  Get support from family?  Thankfully, husband is taking over for me, so I can continue being an irritable cry baby.


Change is difficult for me.  I’ve said it before.  It takes a while for me to get settled once things change.  It takes a while for me to feel comfortable.

Well, tonight we had dinner on our new dining room table, sitting on our new chairs, and eating a home cooked meal.

It felt like home.


Ignore the boxes in the background 😉  We are still unpacking!

Also, check out my FB page!  (HERE! CLICK ME!)  If you correctly guess (or cheat and look at the blog a lil closer) how many followers I have, then you get a surprise from me in the mail!

Chicago Wizard World Comic Con!


That is how awesome it was!  I got to touch John Barrowman!

Here is the thing about comic cons, it is a wonderful community.  I met some amazing people and got some amazing stories!

I bought books directly from authors, bought an alpaca dressed like Matt Smith, dressed like a Tardis, and I kissed my hubby in a Tardis. It was wonderful.


I just got home and am exhausted.  Once I have some time to do some research, I will post info about the authors I met and how awesome they are.


I am officially a bra size of 40G.  Do you know how hard it is to find a cute bra in that size that isn’t a nursing bra?  Apparently everybody thinks that my size boobs are so big that only women with milk engorged breasts can have them.  Also, bras are ridiculously expensive.  Let’s not talk about how much I just spent on bras.

It is hard being a woman.

And expensive.


Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I’ll be completely honest.  I’ve been very distracted.  By two things: a Happy Planner and Pokemon.

I found this awesome subculture of people who decorate planners.  I’ve joined this subculture and have spent hours decorating my new planner.  It is helping me stay on track.

Pokemon.  Period.  Just Pokemon.  I spent almost 3 hours down by Lake Michigan (downtown Kenosha, WI) where at least 500 people congregate on a regular basis to take advantage of the numerous pokestops and random rare pokemon that show up.  No fights, no rudeness.  Just a bunch of people catching fictional characters.  It is hilarious.  One person will yell and everybody will go running.  I find it inspirational that something so innocent can bring people together.

And honestly, my apartment is messy, and there are probably more “important/adulty” things, but I had a good time and made memories.

I’ll clean tomorrow.  I promise.

Wrangling Cats with Silly String

We had our first marriage counseling session.  It made me feel like it is all my fault.  But, alas, she told us to have date night, which is awesome!

So, I’m laying in bed, trying to sleep and my mind keeps going back to something I said during the session.  I said that calming my emotions is similar to trying to wrangle cats with silly string.  Picture that.  PICTURE IT!  Sorry, I just can’t get this out of my head.  Like, am I supposed to make a lasso with the silly string or use it like a spray bottle?

And while this comical idea is running through my head, Meghan Trainor’s “Me, Too” is playing in my head like elevator music; brain elevator music.

If I was you, I’d want to be me………………..


Okay, now imagery out of my head.  Maybe I’ll be able to sleep.

Just in case you wanted brain elevator music, too, here’s the link to the song!

Meghan Trainer’s “Me, too”

How To Be Happier Pt.2

I know!  I am a blog writing machine today!  #2 blog of the day!  YAY!

Well, we did what the book said, kinda’.


We didn’t plan a camping trip and Ty had to work, so we took out Whimzy’s monkey tent and played in there for a bit!  Totally awesome!  Definitely feeling a little bit happier.  Thank you Mr. Epstein!  There will probably be many more parts to this series!

“How to be Happier Day by Day: A Year of Mindful Actions

The title of this is a book I picked up at a used bookstore.  It has an action to do every day of the year.  Once in a while, I grab it and see what it says to do.  Occasionally, when I have time or the motivation, I do it.  Once it told us to have a picnic, so we packed up and had a picnic at a park.

Since our goal as a family is to have adventures, this book seems perfect and it helps me out of my comfort zone and become more comfortable with testing the boundaries my mental illnesses set for me.

Today, it told us to go throw rocks in a pond.  Well, we didn’t have a pond, but we do have one of the biggest lakes in the world less than 5 minutes away.  Lake Michigan.  Despite it being foggy and a little brisk, we did it.  Check out the pics!

It really helps me come out of my shell and helps our reach our adventure goals.  I am so appreciative of my family for supporting me.

Also, my hubby almost hit a seagull with a rock.  If he hit it, I’d have a pet seagull.

I Refuse!

For a really long time, I’ve considered myself broken.  I have a personality disorder, therefore I thought that my personality was inherently flawed.  I described myself as broken, I believed it in my soul.  I felt like something was fundamentally wrong with who I am.

I’m done.  I refuse to think like that anymore.  I’m a rocking mermaid who just happens to have a different way of interacting with the world.  If I need to hide in my room and sleep 16 hours a day, so what?  On the flip side of that, I reach out as much as I can to other people suffering and am running my 3rd epic summer!

I am not broken.  I am just different.

How do you look at your disorders?  Any bright sides?