A Choice

I’m watching a show that centers mostly on forensic psychology.

It is a crime drama, and it is fascinating.

However, I disagree with something they said, and something that is unfortunately accepted as truth.

“It is not a matter of if ‘he/she’ (insert undesirable behavior), it is when.”

That is not true.

With enough education, people can seek help.

Like breast cancer and people screening for lumps, people should know that some thoughts can lead to bad behaviors and can be changed or treated.

I have threatened suicide and attempted suicide more than once.  More than twice.

I am not currently suicidal.  I have gotten help.  Some of my unwanted behaviors still exist.  I still wish I was a lil drunk right now writing this, but I am not. That thought is still there, but with knowledge (workbooks, therapy, research, etc…) I am fighting my own thoughts and becoming healthier.

Anybody can do this to varying degrees, just like any disorder or disease.

This needs to be understood and be passed around as truth.

I am not my diagnosis.  It does not define my next choice.  I define my next choice.  I choose not to drink, to not kill myself, to get up and write this blog.

You have that choice.


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